Last Updated: June 29, 2020

General Note

The below document describes the features and functionality of our platform. The below document should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy which govern your use of Flippick. Reading this document in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy will help you to better understand the full functionality of the platform, services and features offered, platform imposed rules and limitations, and more relevant and useful information.


Our Platform is NOT a Sports Betting Platform

First and foremost, it is important to understand that Flippick is NOT a sports betting or sports gambling website and does not accept or place wagers of any type, in any capacity. Additionally, Flippick Inc. does not endorse or encourage illegal gambling of any sort. All information and services provided by Flippick Inc. are for entertainment purposes only.


How We Separate Ourselves From The Competition

One of the beauties of Flippick is that YOU get to choose which sporting event you view a prediction on. Unlike other handicapping services that force you to take a certain play on a certain game, you have the power to view predictions only for the sporting events that you want action on, and only for the wager types that interest you.

Another key aspect of our platform is that you do not need to lock yourself into any long-term commitments or subscriptions to view sports betting predictions on our platform. We give our users the ability to post singular picks or their full sheet for the night in one singular Pick Card. Furthermore, all transactions on our platform are one-time transactions, meaning once the transaction is administered and you have the information, you are not locked into any future commitments. Here at Flippick, you have the power to instantaneously view a prediction on the game that you want action on.



Our mission is to revolutionize the sports betting and handicapping industries. Flippick is the premier source of free and premium sporting event predictions and analyses. Our social based platform allows all of our users to share their predictions so that we can all profit as one collaborative unit. Flippick is a data driven platform, where users can quickly and easily research and analyze statistics, data, and trends in order to make the most informed decisions possible.

The sports betting and handicapping industries are evolving from gut feeling plays to precisely calculated edges. Whether you are a statistician who crunches data, experienced handicapper who reads the lines and the public, or simply someone looking for advice to make tonight’s game that much more interesting, everyone has a place here on Flippick, and we all share a common goal – to stop gambling and start winning.

How many times have you viewed a handicapper’s page on social media or their website and thought to yourself, “Is this guy really 22-3 on his last 25 NFL Picks?” Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a genius to post a pick, keep it if it wins, and delete it if it loses. As a third party with no skin in the game, we are in a unique position to verify all user statistics so that you know the data you are analyzing is reliable. Always remember – men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t lie.


Flippick Accounts

In order to use our platform, you will be required to create an account, which is 100% free. In creating your account, you will be required to input certain required information, such as your email address and unique username. We also provide our users with the ability to add additional optional information, such as a brief bio about yourself. If you are a pick seller on our platform, we highly recommend completing the optional information in order to let other users know how you gained your knowledge and expertise in the handicapping industry, and why your picks are the right plays.

Our platform offers two different types of profiles: “Public” profiles and “Private” profiles. Public profiles include certain personal information directly on your profile page, such as your first and last name, username, and profile picture, and may include the city you live in, your employment background, your educational background, and your bio (should you choose to add this optional information to your account). If you do not want this personal information (apart from your name) to be displayed on your profile page, simply set your account to “Private.” Making your account “Public” or “Private” is determined when creating your account, and can be updated at any time on your settings page.


User Profiles

Each user’s profile contains certain background information on that user, such as their first and last name, username, profile picture, the city they live in, their employment background, their educational background, their bio, a listing of users that they follow, and a listing of users that follow them.

In addition to this social information, each user’s profile page includes a listing of every Pick Card that they have ever created, for Upcoming Events, Live Events, and Completed Events (as explained below), as well as statistical information on all Completed Pick Cards that user has created, including their Record, Win Percentage, Estimated Profit, and ROI (as explained below).

Filter these statistics by sports league, Pick Type, and Wager Type to do your homework and find specialized Pick Makers that match your interests. Whether they are lights out in the NFL, an expert on over / unders, or can’t lose when making guaranteed picks, you will know and can choose to view only those types of Picks from that user. Then, find another user that specializes in something else.


Viewing Picks

Your home page is where all of the action takes place. Our Pick Marketplace is your go to source for finding top sporting event predictions and making predictions of your own. We have created a unique tool to display predictions on our platform, which we call Pick Cards. Each Pick Card contains a variety of information to help you make the most informed decision possible. The front side of all Pick Cards include:

● The league of the sporting event

● The two teams participating in the event (with a draw option where applicable)

● The start time of the event

● The full name and/or username and profile picture of the Pick Making user, which both link to their profile page (which contains all Pick Cards ever made by that user as well as more detailed statistical information)

● The Pick Making user’s Overall statistics (explained below)

● The Pick Making user’s Pick Specific statistics (explained below)

● The Pick Card Reference Number (used for tracking purposes)

● The Pick Type (being Free, Paid, or Guaranteed, explained below)

● The character count for the Pick Making user’s analysis (if any)

● The Pick Wager Type (being Spread, Moneyline, or Total)

● The lines and odds at the time the prediction was made

● The current lines and odds in the market


As stated above, every Pick Card includes the Pick Making user’s Overall statistics and Pick Specific statistics. The difference between the two sets of statistics are as follows:


Overall Statistics – A user’s Overall statistics take into account every prediction ever made by that user on our platform, regardless of the league, Pick Type, and Wager Type.

Pick Specific Statistics – A user’s Pick Specific statistics only take into account predictions made on the specific league, Pick Type, and Wager Type as the Pick Card that you are viewing.


Pick Specific statistics display important data at the most granular level so that you know how that handicapper has done historically in that specific league for that Pick Type and Wager Type. Both sets of statistics include the user’s record, win percentage, estimated profit, and return on investment (or ROI), explained as follows:


Record – A user’s record is displayed in the format of win-loss-push. A win is tallied when the prediction a user made is correct, a loss is tallied when the prediction a user made is incorrect, and a push is tallied when a prediction made by a user ties (e.g. if the spread on the selection is -2 and that team wins by exactly 2 points). For example, if a user has 8 wins, 2 losses, and 1 push, their record will be 8-2-1.

Win Percentage – A user’s win percentage is calculated as total wins divided by total wins plus total losses and rounded to the nearest whole number (i.e. 0 decimal places).  For example, if a user’s record is 8-2-1, their win percentage is 80% (calculated as 8 / (8 + 2) = 80%).

Estimated Profit – A user’s estimated profit is determined by first calculating net units won by taking units won on each prediction minus units lost on each prediction. For illustrative purposes only, we then multiply the net units won by $100 to display estimated profit as a dollar amount instead of as units to make it easier for our users to understand. For example, if a user has made two predictions to win 1 unit each, and the results of those two predictions are both wins, that user’s estimated profit will be $200 (calculated as 1 unit won + 1 unit won = 2 units * $100 = $200).

Return on Investment (or ROI) – A user’s return on investment is calculated as net units won (explained above) divided by total units risked and then multiplied by 100 and rounded to one decimal place. For example, if a user’s net units won is 2 units, and a user risked a total of 3 units on all predictions included in that net units won calculation, their ROI is 66.7% (calculated as 2 net units won / 3 total units risked = 0.667 * 100 = 66.7% ROI).


We show the lines and odds at the time the prediction was made to show the data driving the pick maker’s decision, and to ensure their prediction is graded on the appropriate information. We also show the current lines and odds in the market so that you know how the data has moved since the prediction was made. If lines or odds ever change by 1 point or more on spreads and totals (e.g. from -3 to -4 or higher on a spread or from O/U 49 to O/U 50 or higher on a total) or by 20 or more on odds (e.g. from -140 to -160 or higher), well mark the Pick Card with a flag icon so that you immediately know to proceed with caution.

Here’s the catch – the front side of every Pick Card will include both team’s lines and odds with no indication as to which side the handicapper is recommending. In order to see the pick maker’s prediction, recommended units, and analysis, you will need to flip the pick! In the bottom right corner of every Pick Card are two buttons, being the favorite button and the “Flip this pick!” button. The favorite button can be identified as the box with the star icon, and can be used to quickly bookmark predictions that you want to come back to later. The “Flip this pick!” button is the button that you will use to view the pick making user’s prediction. If it is a Free Pick (explained below), you can view it at no cost to you; however, if it is a Paid Pick (explained below) or a Guaranteed Pick (explained below), the relevant Pick Price will be taken directly from your account balance. If you do not have enough funds in your account to cover the cost of the Pick Card, you will get an error message and you will be directed to your manage funds page where you can make a deposit. After flipping the pick, you will be able to see the pick maker’s selection, their recommended units, and in-depth analysis supporting their selection.


Pick Types

As previously mentioned, our platform offers three different Pick Types, being Free Picks, Paid Picks, and Guaranteed Picks, explained as follows:


Free Picks – Free Picks are as they sound. Reap the benefits of viewing a free pick at no cost with absolutely no strings attached. You don’t even need to link a payment method to your account to flip Free Picks.

Paid Picks – Paid Picks are one-time purchases at the listed price set by the pick making user. When a Paid Pick is flipped, it will result in a transfer of funds from the purchasing user to the selling user at the listed price less a 10% commission (unless the Pick was flipped via a credit in which no monies whatsoever will be transferred to the pick making user, as explained in detail in the Terms and Conditions). Paid Picks are always non-refundable except in the instance of a cancelled or postponed sporting event.

Guaranteed Picks – Guaranteed Picks are a way for our users to limit their risk when purchasing a prediction. When flipping a Guaranteed Pick, funds will be taken from the purchasing user and held in an escrow account. The Pick flipping user will then be able to view the back of the Pick Card. If the Guaranteed Pick that the user flipped wins, awesome! The funds originally taken from the purchasing user are routed to the selling user at the listed price less a 10% commission (unless the Pick was flipped via a credit in which no monies whatsoever will be transferred to the pick making user, as explained in detail in the Terms and Conditions). If the pick loses or pushes (i.e. ties) then no hard feelings – you win some and you lose some. To compensate the purchasing user for their loss or push, the funds originally taken from their account will be fully refunded back to them, and no funds will be routed to the seller.


Pick Card Types

Our platform offers two types of Pick Cards, being “Single Picks” and “Stacked Picks” explained as follows:


Single Picks – Single Picks are as they sound, one selection (i.e. one Spread selection, one Moneyline selection, or one Total selection) on one Pick Card.

Stacked Picks – Stacked Picks allow our pick makers to bundle multiple Single Picks together into one Stacked Pick so that they can post their whole sheet for the night in one singular Pick Card (i.e. other user’s only need to flip this one Pick Card at the one listed price to see all of the selections in the Stacked Pick). Note that Stacked Picks are limited to being Free Picks or Paid Picks, and can never be Guaranteed Picks.


Finding Events and Picks

Our platform makes finding Pick Cards, sporting events, and other users simple. On the home page, users can filter Pick Cards by sports league by using the league icons. Additionally, users can filter by Pick Type (being Free, Paid, and Guaranteed, as explained above), Pick Card Type (being Single Picks and Stacked Picks, as explained above), Wager Type (being Spread, Moneyline, and Total), Event Type (being Upcoming, Live, and Completed, as explained below), and of course, by each individual sporting event. In the left sidebar, you will find a listing of Featured Events that you can select in order to quickly filter your home page to either view or make picks on that specific event. Additionally, our platform includes a Search Bar in the header, where you can quickly search for Pick Cards, users, and sporting events.


Upcoming Events – Upcoming Events are events that have not yet started.

Live Events – Live Events are events that have started but are not yet finished.

Completed Events – Completed Events are events that have already ended and had results (i.e. final scores and statistics) applied to them on our platform.


Make sure to use these valuable filters to streamline your search process. To protect our users, we have restricted the flipping of Pick Cards after an event has started so that a user does not accidentally purchase a pick on an event that is already in progress.  


Making Picks

Making picks on our platform is just as easy as viewing them. Our pick making flow mirrors that of your favorite sports betting platforms to allow for a seamless transition. To make a pick, simply click on the “+Make picks” button. Here, you will see a listing of Upcoming Events (explained above) categorized by league and listed in order of earliest event start time to latest event start time. Similar to the view picks section of the home page, you can filter this page by league and by individual sporting event.  

Once you have found the event that you want to make a prediction on, simply click on the box that contains the lines and odds of the selection that you want to make and it will automatically be added to your “Pickslip.” Your Pickslip is where you will fill out the relevant information required to post your prediction, explained as follows:


Units to risk or Units to win – At the top of each selection on your Pickslip will be two boxes side by side, being the Units to risk box and the Units to win box. User’s only need to fill out one box (i.e. either the Units to risk box or the Units to win box), and the other box will automatically calculate itself based on the odds related to the selection. Units are used to help users flipping your Pick gain insight to your confidence level on the selection, and are limited to a maximum of 5.0 units to risk on plus odds (for example, +200) and 5.0 units to win on negative odds (for example, -150).

Pick Type Directly below the Units to risk box will be a dropdown box where you will select your Pick Type, being Free, Paid, or Guaranteed (as explained above).

$ Price – Directly below the Units to win box will be a price box where you will set the sales price of your prediction (assuming it is not a Free Pick), which can be a minimum of $2 and a maximum of $100.

Analysis (optional) – At the bottom of each selection on your Pickslip will be an analysis box, where you will have the option to add your insight as to why you made that selection, limited to a maximum of 800 characters.


The Pickslip is split into two sections: Single Picks and Stacked Picks. As described above, Stacked Picks allow our Pick Making users to bundle multiple selections together to be listed and sold as one singular Pick Card for one price in one smooth transaction. If only one selection has been added to your Pickslip, the “Stacked Pick” button at the top will be grayed out. Once multiple selections have been added to your Pickslip, you will have the ability to choose to create a Stacked Pick. If you do not want to create a Stacked Pick and instead want to post your picks separately no worries! Stay on the Single Pick option and your selections will be posted as individual Pick Cards.

Once you have filled out your Pickslip, simply click on “Make this pick!” and follow the prompts to post your prediction. Once a Pick has been made, it can never be edited or deleted, so be sure to check your information before posting. To confirm that your Pick was posted on our platform, visit your profile page to ensure that your newly created Pick Card is displayed.

When users purchase your Paid Pick, all monies earned from sales on that Pick will be transferred into your account once the event has ended, less the applicable transaction fees. When users purchase your Guaranteed Pick and the Pick wins, all monies earned from sales on that Pick will be transferred into your account once the event has ended, less the applicable transaction fees. However, when users purchase your Guaranteed Pick and the Pick pushes (i.e. ties) or loses, no monies will be transferred into your account and all monies will be refunded directly to the buyer. 

In order to ensure that pick makers cannot spam selections to boost their statistics, users can never post multiple Single Picks with the same selection. Users are allowed to use the same selection a maximum of three (3) times in the form of one Single Pick and two Stacked Picks, or in three Stacked Picks, noting that the Stacked Picks can never have the same exact selections. 


Pick Card Grading

At the end of each event, we will apply the ending scores to every prediction that was made, and score each Pick Card as a win, loss, or push (i.e. tie). All Pick Cards are retained and displayed for all to see, so you can see historical selections a user made, how many units they won or lost, and their thought process (i.e. analysis) behind that selection.


Lines and Odds

At Flippick, we use what is referred to as "white label" or "consensus" lines and odds, which is the aggregation and consolidation of lines and odds offered by the top sportsbooks around the world to create a proprietary global average. As lines and odds naturally differ from one sportsbook to another, you may find some inconsistencies between our platform and your sportsbook. When a pick is made, it is locked in at the current consensus lines and odds. As lines and odds are ever changing, we update them constantly so that you are always up to date.


Home Page Filters

Directly above the league filters on your home page are four sub headers that act as home page filters, being All Picks, Follower Picks, Favorite Picks, and Flipped Picks, explained as follows:


All Picks – The All Picks filter displays all Pick Cards made by all users on our platform.

Follower Picks – The Follower Picks filter only displays Pick Cards made by users that you follow. Following other users and using this filter is the best way to easily find your friend’s and favorite handicapper’s plays.

Favorite Picks – The Favorite Picks filter can be used to quickly find Pick Cards that you have favorited and saved for later.

Flipped Picks – The Flipped Picks filter displays all Pick Cards that you have ever flipped on your account.


Manage Funds

In the top right on the Header, you will see a wallet icon titled “Manage Funds.” Your Manage Funds page is where you go to deposit funds into your account, withdraw funds from your account, and view your account transaction history. In order to deposit or withdraw funds, you will be required to input certain information on our third-party payment processors platform, such as your bank account information, debit card information, or credit card information. Deposits can be made via bank account, debit card, or credit card; however, withdrawals can only be made via bank account. Deposits and withdrawals will have certain fees administered by our payment processor and payable by you (as explained in detail in the Terms and Conditions). For our customers located outside of the United States, there may be certain incremental fees associated with the deposit and withdrawal of funds into or out of your Flippick account, and may vary from country to country. Note that no deposits or withdrawals are handled by our platform, and are all handled by an external third-party payment processor.

Your account transaction history page will include a log of all transactions made on your account, including:

● The deposit of funds into your account

● The withdrawal of funds from your account

● The use of funds to purchase a Pick

● The receipt of funds as a result of selling a Pick

● The refund of funds in the instance of a Guaranteed Pick loss or push (i.e. tie), or a cancelled or postponed event

● The correction of any erroneous transactions or activity that may have taken place on our platform



Flippick includes two interactive leaderboards which contain a variety of functionalities to help you find the best handicappers today. Our platform recognizes and ranks all of our users based on Record, Win Percentage, Estimated Profit, ROI (as explained above), and other important statistical information.  Both of our leaderboards include key functionality to filter by sports league, Wager Type, and Pick Type so that you can easily refine your search and hone on the top pick makers that match your interests. In order to be included on one of these leaderboards, you must have made a minimum of 5 Picks on our platform.   


All-Time Leaderboard – The All-Time Leaderboard recognizes the best long-term Pick Makers on our platform. Our All-Time Leaderboard ranks users based off of their win percentage.  Rise through the ranks to earn your spot atop the All-Time Leaderboard and gain recognition as one of the world’s best handicappers.

Hot Board – The Hot Board recognizes Pick Makers that are on a win streak. Our Hot Board ranks users based on their number of consecutive correct Picks. If you have experience in the handicapping and sports betting industries, then you know that it is a streaky game. Shine as one of the top ranked users on our Hot Board and earn a steady stream of cash while others ride your coattails.



In order to keep you in the loop as to what is happening on our platform, we have implemented a series of notifications. In our header, you will find three icons, being a people icon, money bag icon, and bell icon.


People Icon (User Notifications) – The people icon will notify you when another user follows you.

Money Bag Icon (Made Pick Notifications) – The money bag icon will notify you know when another user has flipped your pick, regardless of the Pick Type. There will be one notification per Pick Card created that will include the number of users that flipped your Pick, and your total earnings (for Paid Picks) or potential earnings (for Guaranteed Picks).

Bell Icon (Follower Pick Notifications) – The bell icon will notify you when someone that you follow has posted a Pick so that you can follow your friends and favorite handicappers plays in real time. 


These notifications can also be made to you via email or SMS, which can be toggled on or off in your settings page.